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grubs grub damage

The 2 cycles of Grub damage occurs in the spring as ground temps warm into the 50 to 60 degree range and in the late summer from the middle of August through November. Continued damage can occur for years if left unattended, the cost to reseed and the eye sore will always remind you to never let it happen again. If you are capable of spraying, you will save lots of service fees and also save your landscape investment. Areas that are more heat and drought stressed will often show symptoms first, These areas are often in full sun, and have a south-facing slope. Turf that is well-drained, moist, and have high organic matter are especially susceptible. Grub damage is easily determined by pulling back the sod. If the turf pulls back easily as if to lift pieces of sod, this is often grub damage. Grubs feed on the roots at the thatch/soil interface, which results in the turf being easily “peeled back”. Often times the grubs will be present where the sod has been removed. If the soil is dry, digging down a short distance may reveal the grubs.



MERIT 75wsp. Its name says it all. MERIT Insecticide is a broad spectrum, systemic insecticide that is effective at extremely low use rates. MERIT delivers outstanding control of a variety of turf and ornamental insects.

MERIT Benefits

  • The active ingredient in MERIT provides strong residual activity and superior biological performance.
  • Its low use rate means low risk to you and other non-target organisms.
  • Soil application to shrubs and trees provides long-lasting control of labeled insect pests.
  • MERIT is effective at use rates 85% to 96% lower than most currently registered soil insecticides for use on turf (based on recommended application rate).

Common Name: Imidacloprid
Chemical Family: Chloronicotinyl Insecticide
Toxicity Category Signal Word: CAUTION

Pests Controlled

Turf Pests

  • White grubs including larvae of:

--Japanese beetle

--Black turfgrass ataenius

--Northern masked chafer

--Southern masked chafer

--European chafer

--Oriental beetle

--Asiatic garden beetle

--May and June beetle (Phyllophaga spp.)

--Billbug larvae

--Annual bluegrass weevil larvae (Hyperodes spp.)

  • Mole crickets





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