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crabgrass dalligrass


Winter and Summer Annual Weed Seed Grasses Controlled:
Barley, little Johnson grass (Seedling only), Barnyard grass (Water grass) Jungle rice, annual Bluegrass, annual Love grass, Mexican, Crabgrass, large Love grass, orcutt, Hairy Crabgrass, smooth Oat, wild Crowfootgrass Panicum, browntop, Cupgrass, southwestern Panicum, fall (Spreading panicgrass), Foxtail, bristlegrass Panicum, Texas (Buffalograss, Coloradograss), Foxtail, giant Ryegrass, Italian Foxtail, green (Pigeongrass) Sandbur, fieldFoxtail, robust Signalgrass (Brachiaria) Foxtail, yellow Sprangletop, red Goosegrass (Silver crabgrass) Witchgrass

Winter and Summer Broadleaf Weed seed controlled:
Bittercress Puncturevine, Carpet weed Purslane, common Chickweed, common Pusley, Florida (Florida purslane, Mexican Fiddleneck, coast clover, pusley) Filaree Rocket, London Groundsel, common Rockpurslane, desert Henbit Sheperdspurse Knotweed, prostrate Spurge, prostrate Lambsquarters Woodsorrel, yellow (oxalis) Pigweed

Other Weed Seeds Suppressed
Horseweed Nightshade, black Ladysthumb Ragweed, common Lettuce, prickly Smartweed Mallow, common Sowthistle, annual Milkweed, climbing Spurge, spotted Morningglory Teaweed (Prickly sida) Mustard, black Velvetleaf Mustard, wild Wheat, volunteer






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